The Light Fund Charity Beers

In Summer 2022, twelve novice swimmers will attempt to swim the notorious English Channel, racing in a relay of six people per boat to be the fastest team across. 

In a bid to raise as much money as possible, 'Another Beer' has collaborated with the two teams to create two charity beers. Brewed by a collection of the swimmers with us at the Brewery, not only will the competitors go head to head in the water, but also on land as each team tries to sell the most of their respective beers.

The two competing boats are named 'High Hopes' & 'The Optimist' which has inpried the flavour and names of the beers 'High Hops' & 'The Hoptimist'. 

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The Light Fund is a registered charity, which raises monies to fund worthwhile charity projects that help children, women and men. It is run collectively by a group of individuals employed in the licensing industry. They give their time to The Light Fund for voluntarily, meaning that all monies raised can go straight to worthwhile charity causes.

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