American Pale Ale - 5 Litre Keg

5 Litre Mini Keg 


ABV: 5.0%


£31.00 + £5.00 deposit


Enjoy a pint in the comfort of your own home! These kegs can be re-used as long as they are not damaged. Therefore any returned kegs can either be refilled for £31.00 or exchanged for the full deposit amount. One keg contains 8.5 pints. 


Delivery to Yorkshire only or arranged collection. If you are further afield and unable to collect, contact us and we will do our best to help you.


Important Information

- For best results, refrigerate on delivery and consume within a week.

- Leave for a couple of hours to settle before consumption.

- Before pouring the first beer, release pressure using the top valve as pressure may have built up inside the keg.

- It may be necessary to release pressure each time you pour a beer, if substantial amounts of time pass between each pour. 

- We advise that after pouring the first beer, to consume the remaining contents within 48 hours for optimum freshness.

- Close the top valve when not in use, in order to stop the beer from going flat. 


American Pale Ale - 5 Litre Keg