Here we sit today

First and foremost, I am not a writer. I brew beer. So, I apologise in advance for any grammar and spelling catastrophes. However, it suddenly feels rather poignant to start properly chronicling the journey of Another Beer, everyone involved with it so far and all the ups and downs that the future has to offer. This may fizzle out or I may suddenly find a love for writing and want to quit everything to move to the south of France to write a novel, either way, I hope you find it vaguely interesting.

The fact that the last time I made an entry into the blog was the 17th of January says something to the year that we've had, but that's not news to anyone. Fast forward through the majority of 2020 to today and I am sat at my computer with a million things running through my brain. So, as we sit on the brink of not only going live with our new website but also releasing both our Session IPA and Passion Fruit Sour beers in cans, as well as preparing a big marketing push for what will hopefully be a busy Christmas period, I’d be lying if I said I wasn't already looking forward to falling back on the sofa on the evening of the 24th with a cold beer in hand, knowing the crazy period was done until next year.

For reference, when I say 'we' I am referring to myself (Another Beer's only official employee at the time of writing), my amazing wife, who not only has a full time career of her own, but also manages anything marketing and social media related for Another Beer (and let's face it looks after everything else in our lives too), and all other friends and family who volunteer their services and skills when asked/begged. 

Like for most people, in many ways this year has been almost like a pause in our business' journey. A list named '2020 plans' sits on my computer, with barely any of its contents having been ticked off. But on the flip side, the brewery/brand/business has come a long way in the last year too. 

Mike Lakin, the owner of the Ice Cream Factory, and I decided to join forces at the beginning of lockdown. Mike has a brewery set up in the former Capaldi ice cream factory on Fetter Lane within York's famous walls, where he has beer brewed for his two bars (Fossgate & Micklegate Socials). Capaldi's is now the home of Another Beer too. With all the uncertainty from what lay ahead when lockdown was announced, neither Mike or I are ones to sit around and wait to see what will happen. Instead we decided to see if we could make the most of a pretty dreadful situation. 

Fast forward through the first lockdown and halfway through the second, that collaboration has meant that most importantly, Another Beer has been able to release it's two new beers (FYI the planned release date as stated on the '2020 plans' for this was March). Beers that I am really proud of too. Not only that, but it feels like we have been able to put proper roots down in York, and stand shoulder to shoulder with the countless other independent businesses that this fantastic city has to offer and meet some truly inspirational people along the way. 

However, this is not a time to dwell. The past few weeks have been crazy and hopefully the next few are only going to get more crazy. 

I would just like to finish by saying thanks to all our wonderful customers and everyone who has helped us to get to where we are so far. We cannot wait for the future and hope you'll join us for the ride.



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