The Beginning

‘another’ is an extremely fresh face on the craft beer scene. It has been just a mere twinkle in the founder, James Fawcett’s eye, for the past 5 years. 'another' officially took the plunge with it’s first brew in April 2019.


Our beer recipes were originally brewed and developed in our former home of London, with a test brew sold across bars in East London in 2018. We have now left the cityscape of the capital and made York our HQ. Our beer is stored in Oswladkirk, North Yorkshire and brewed next to the river Mersey in Birkenhead, so we think of ourselves as a bit of a British mongrel.


The beer

‘another’ started life in a homebrew shed in a back garden in North London. Here the beers that were brewed were the ones that James and his friends wanted to drink. With that, lies our beer philosophy. We brew balanced beers that people will enjoy drinking over and over again.


Thoughts and ramblings of ‘another’ craft beer brewery founder

"The craft beer scene is great. There are so many different and surprising beers available, with forward-thinking and original branding to market those beers.The scene enjoys collaborations between truly amazing breweries from across the globe. It experiences spectacular one-off and special series beers produced by some of the most experimental breweries. All of this puts a smile on any craft beer drinkers’ face, as well as the brewery employees too. This is self-evident by the buzz created at craft beer festivals, when brewers from all stretches of the country come together, to meet and speak to the people who make their favourite beers, and also to the public who enjoy them. I feel that this should be taken further, bring that buzz, that smile, into all and more aspects of the whole craft beer experience. That’s where ‘another’ pitch ourselves. Creating great beer and creating an awesome experience from start to finish."

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